Good Evening

Thank you for joining us for our inaugural Third Thursdays!! We hope you were able to gain some insight from one of our student leaders on campus!! We also want to send a special thanks to Charlotte Torrence, who presented on Bullet Journaling to Reduce Stress.

Below is a synopsis on what was covered:

What is a Bullet Journal?

A bullet journal is combining the learning benefits of writing by hand with the efficiency of bulleted lists, also known as ‘rapid logging’.

Why bullet journal?

  • Bullet journaling acts as another brain. Instead of storing things in your brain, bullet journaling helps to write things down to ensure you don’t forget. Take it out of your head, and put onto paper
  • Helps tremendously in organization. So with daily tasks, it can be a challenge to stay organized on what takes priority. Bullet journaling helps to ensure you are able to organize your day
  • Helps with compartalization. At times, we have a tendency to put things together. Bullet journaling helps to separate tasks and to assist you with categorizing instead of mixing everything together
  • An extrinsic platform for your creativity. There is no right or wrong way to do bullet journaling. It is all about how creative you would like to be. Use stickers, colorful pens, and washi tape to help really bring bullet journaling to life.

How does bullet journaling reduce stress?

  • Familiar with the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? Will in this case it's “out of mind and on to page”.
  • Journaling will give you another brain to collect and organize information.
  • A lot of mental stress and fatigue rooted in forgetfulness. You simply cannot remember everything, journaling aids in that process.

Types of spread applications

  • Academic and career spreads: internships, grad schools, jobs, summer programs
  • Collections: books, movies, shows, foods, places to go, bucket list, favorites
  • Trackers: Mood, exercise, study time, weather, COVID cases, screen time
  • Journal entries (very important to track mental progression)
  • Scrapbooking pages (save stamps, tickets, letters, etc. here)

Recommended supplies

  • Zebra midliners - a good deal for great markers/highlighters, can be used for schoolwork and notetaking too
  • Washi tape (I have not found a great supplier yet, mt and BGM are the original brands and have best quality)
  • Stickii monthly sticker subscription, if you are over the top like me
  • Jetpens The best American and Japanese stationery, ships from California rather than overseas

Biggest Takeaway

  • Don’t worry about messing up your journal, its meant to be a “perfect imperfection”
  • Consistency is KEY

Also, you can view the additional Bullet Journaling to Reduce Stress Resources from Charlotte’s session.