Welcome to our Finance page! This is our dedicated page to help you learn and understand how to successfully utilize funds granted to you by your appropriations committee. You can also access the Student Org Finance Training in Canvas as well as review the Student Org Finance Training Manual for more information.

Payment Requests

*ALL FOOD RELATED REQUESTS REQUIRE A LIST OF ATTENDEES AND COPY OF EVENT FLYER* If applicable select Reimbursement to an organization rather than an individual (individual should be used as a last resort)

If submitted receipts are not legible the request will be rejected

Request Deadlines:

Contracts & Honorariums - submit 45 days in advance

All Other Purchase Requests: submit 30 days in advance

Reimbursements: Within 5 days of event's completion

*Purchase requests need to be turned in 30 days from when the student organization needs the request, NOT when payment is due.*

*Funding is only available to student organizations from the campus they originate. So there are no funds for MCV Campus student organizations from the Monroe Park Campus funding and vice versa.*

Finance Training Workshops:

Periodic meetings set up to give students a better understanding of how to get the most out of the funds allotted to them for that semester. These meetings generally occur a couple times a month and are open to all organizations that are finance approved. To find out specific dates check The Underground Events RamsConnect page.

As a registered student organization, if you are planning to use funding awarded through your respective funding committee, then the Student Organization Finance Training Manual will help you understand how to use those funds.

The purpose of the Student Organization Finance Training is to ensure you are prepared to use your awarded funding successfully. You will learn important deadlines that are established by the Finance Services Center for purchases. Also, you will learn about items you are able to purchase, in addition to learning about the purchase process. It is required for the President and Treasurer to complete this in order to submit payment requests.

You can access the Student Organization Finance Training through the Leadership & Student Organization Training in Canvas under Assignments.

For more information on funding options through VCU SGA Appropriations, please review the VCU SGA Appropriations Bylaws.