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Thank you for joining us for our final Third Thursdays until the fall!! We hope you were able to gain some insight from a few of our student leaders on campus!! We also want to send a special thanks to Arianna Valdez Fortun, who presented on Beating Anxiety & Perfection In College.

Below is a synopsis on what was covered:

What is Perfectionism Exactly?

an overwhelming fear of making mistakes; an intense need for things to be “perfect” or “done right” or “flawless”. High expectations of yourself or others. if you can be “perfect,” you can be accepted by people. Perfectionistic Thoughts: “If I can’t do it right the first time, there’s no point in trying again”. “I already know I’m a failure at everything, so there’s no point anymore”. “I’m not intelligent enough to be in this class so I already know I’ll fail”.

What Are Irrational Thoughts?

Unrealistic Thinking Patterns Can stem from Feeling the need to please others, Fearing failure, Depression - negative thoughts, and Low self-esteem. Anxiety - A Fear of Failure, THE FEAR OF NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH, and Self-critical in self-evaluations. Examples: The fear of failing a test, so you don’t even try to study. Too anxious to start an essay, a project, or even as small as a regular homework assignment. Not showing up for an exam, so you avoid it. Procrastination - doing all your quizzes the day before the deadline.

Arianna's Own Experience included all of these Perfectionistic tendencies. Comparing myself to my friends, classmates, etc. Irrational and unrealistic thoughts. Anxiety - Panic attacks, Depression, and Therapy/Medication.

So, You Want to Face Your Fear, But You Can’t Even Start?

Start by telling yourself and genuinely believing you have control over this fear, yourself, and your life. Gradually expose yourself to the fear for example Fear of spiders (1) Describing what a spider looks like, (2) looking at a photo of a spider, (3) going outside to watch a spider move, (4) touching a spider. This could take a day, weeks, months, etc, Having a good support system also helps.

How to Manage Unwanted and Uncontrollable Thoughts?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and perspectives about oneself and the world are challenged in order to create better-coping strategies to handle difficult situations. Use the cognitive triangle whose corners are made up of feelings, behavior, and thoughts.

A Few Helpful Reminders:

College does not define your worth. Explore, don’t take college too seriously, live in the moment, and assess how you feel at times. Take frequent breaks, work in moderation. Be patient with yourself. Reshape your thinking

Strive to be better, not perfect ~ Arianna Valdez

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