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Thank you for joining us for our final Third Thursdays until the fall!! We hope you were able to gain some insight from a few of our student leaders on campus!! We also want to send a special thanks to Cara Chou and Nadia Hasan, who presented on Leadership AMONG US.

Below is a synopsis on what was covered:

What is Among Us?

Among us is a multiplayer game in which a group of 10 individuals, known as crewmates, are stuck on an airship. Out of the players, 1-3 of them are imposters, whose aim is to kill all of the crewmates. Meanwhile, the crewmates have to figure out who the imposters are through collaboration and discussion.


Communication: Necessary for both Imposters and crewmates. Understand the situation and the environment among players. Discussion occurs to solve problems. The connection in the game relates to real life! Especially this year! Group Building: Transparency between members helps others to trust one another. Greater chances for crewmates/imposters to win if you work as a team. How groups naturally form, even in real life! Leader and Follow Fluidity: All teams work differently. Team-oriented group, Leaders organize the group and get everyone to work together, ‘Lone Wolf’ group, Leaders mainly show during emergency meetings, Leader follower fluidity is higher.


Intentions Behind Deception: Deception comes in many forms! What are the reasons behind deception? In the game, there is mainly deception depending on the role you are in. As an imposter, it is the role to evade information and eliminate others. Other words synonymous with deception include duping someone or hiding something. You can unintentionally deceive others, such as withholding info in order to prevent others from worrying. Be mindful of your actions as followers AND a leader. Good use of deception can be Fake confidence which can be summed up by this quote from Amy Cuddy “Your body language may shape who you are”. Lying to yourself can be a big issue that results in Overconfidence, bad Relationships, inflated Self perception these are bad uses of deception.

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Here are the videos provided during the presentation:

What Happens When Strangers Get Real About Body Image

Fun video about among us