VCU Peer Leaders

...make an impact

A peer leader at Virginia Commonwealth University is defined as a student who has been selected and trained to serve in a leadership role that supports student success.

Peer leadership has had a direct result on student leadership skills as reported by peer leaders who had increased confidence/self-efficacy, higher comfort levels with the title/role of leadership, an understanding of leadership styles, better able to resolve conflicts and stronger connections with others.

...get real

"The Division of Student Affairs provides the natural nexus for connections between the academic experience of our students and real-world experiences. The division provides a great expanse of hands-on experiences that afford students opportunities to develop, support, and encourage skills and competencies as emerging leaders. These experiences not only marry what is learned in the classroom with practical opportunities but also poise our students to assume leadership on local, state, and national stages."

...have goals

As a result of engaging in the DSA Peer Leadership Experience at VCU, students will be able to:

Deliver quality service to peers and other members of the VCU Community.

Demonstrate an understanding of human differences and inclusive practices.

Apply skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies gained through training to new situations.

Demonstrate an increased sense of self-efficacy

...unlock experience

"Being a peer leader has equipped me to empower my fellow students to find their place and opportunities on campus and to encourage personal and professional development."

"Due to my experiences and different roles on campus, I am now more able to relate with audiences and others that come from different backgrounds. I feel much more comfortable now than I did when I first started at VCU, in approaching and interacting with a more diverse group of people."

"Serving as a peer leader has helped me gain the skills and knowledge I need in order to expand and grow my leadership potential and utilize it in the work place after graduation."