The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Peer Leadership Committee provides support to the students who hold peer leadership positions in the division.


The mission of the committee is to create a supportive culture where peer leaders can become effective leaders and successful college students. We accomplish this by creating common learning experiences, advocating for the work in which peer leaders are engaged, and developing supervisors of peer leaders so that they may provide effective supervision and advising.


The Peer Leadership Committee will create a nationally prominent peer leader and supervisor development curriculum that attracts, retains, and develops diverse student talent through applied learning opportunities, preparing them to lead in an ever-changing world.

What is Peer Leadership at VCU?

"A peer leader at Virginia Commonwealth University is defined as a student who has been selected and trained to serve in a leadership role that supports student success."

(Adapted from Ender & Kay, 2001)

Our Team

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Laura Jo Rieske
Tre Straughter
Mark Jeffries
Elizabeth Soady
Kim Green
Tommy Otterbine
Nicholas Sydow
Yiyun Jie
Matthew Lovisa
Jimmie Gahagan
Trisha Saunders
E. Jordan Gardner
Lauren Braun