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Our Team

Dave Brown Profile

Dave Brown

OMSA Profile


Sara Barton Profile

Sara Barton

Beck Oh Profile

Beck Oh

Jackson Gwilliam Profile

Jackson Gwilliam

Emilee Duffy Profile

Emilee Duffy

Caitlin Provencher Profile

Caitlin Provencher

Lisa Cooper Profile

Lisa Cooper

Carole Dowell Profile

Carole Dowell

Ames Gersten Profile

Ames Gersten

Dr. Myriam Kadeba Profile

Dr. Myriam Kadeba

Joslyn Bedell Profile

Joslyn Bedell

Sonya Barnes Profile

Sonya Barnes

Audrey Short Profile

Audrey Short

Megan Hollis Profile

Megan Hollis

Megan Hodge Profile

Megan Hodge

Charlie Dil Profile

Charlie Dil

Elijah Bustamante Profile

Elijah Bustamante

Adrienne Jones Profile

Adrienne Jones

Elinor Frisa Profile

Elinor Frisa

Emerson Tedder Profile

Emerson Tedder

Nicole Green Profile

Nicole Green

Kelly Kitchen Profile

Kelly Kitchen

Tara Bridger Profile

Tara Bridger

Dana Vandervelde Profile

Dana Vandervelde

Tyrone Frye Profile

Tyrone Frye

Stephanie Stanton Profile

Stephanie Stanton

Christina Spohn Profile

Christina Spohn

Ash Taylor-Beierl Profile

Ash Taylor-Beierl

Laura Middlebrooks Profile

Laura Middlebrooks

Anna Obermiller Profile

Anna Obermiller

Roy Roach Profile

Roy Roach

Alex Levy Profile

Alex Levy

Aimee Selleck Profile

Aimee Selleck

Jacqueline Smith-Mason Profile

Jacqueline Smith-Mason

Amy Rector Profile

Amy Rector

William Morley Profile

William Morley

Kaylynn Hill Profile

Kaylynn Hill

Emily Thompson Profile

Emily Thompson

Andrew Kane Profile

Andrew Kane

Matthew Vechinski Profile

Matthew Vechinski

Laura Lemza Profile

Laura Lemza

Kristen Schultheis Profile

Kristen Schultheis

M Teresa Doherty Profile

M Teresa Doherty

Casey Jensen Profile

Casey Jensen

Joshua Lockhart Profile

Joshua Lockhart

Anne Weakley Profile

Anne Weakley

Colleen Choate Profile

Colleen Choate

Latisha Smart Profile

Latisha Smart

Joseph Wheeless Profile

Joseph Wheeless

Jessica Clary Profile

Jessica Clary

NyAsia Shaw Profile

NyAsia Shaw

Brandon Dunford Profile

Brandon Dunford

Jonathan Fuller Profile

Jonathan Fuller

Joanna Penick Profile

Joanna Penick

Emily Lilley Profile

Emily Lilley



Candyce Brown Profile

Candyce Brown

Vanessa Lemus Profile

Vanessa Lemus

Lauren Grainger Profile

Lauren Grainger

Nico Orsini Profile

Nico Orsini

Burnart Hall Profile

Burnart Hall

Ari Emanuel-Wright Profile

Ari Emanuel-Wright

Cait Burns Profile

Cait Burns

VCU REAL Profile


Angela Aslanska Profile

Angela Aslanska

Mia Liadis Profile

Mia Liadis

Elizabeth Bambacus Profile

Elizabeth Bambacus

Jana Avery Profile

Jana Avery

Jessica Norman Profile

Jessica Norman

The Commons Profile

The Commons

Lauren Hay Profile

Lauren Hay

Caroline Coffill Profile

Caroline Coffill

Stephanie Dorman Profile

Stephanie Dorman

Levi Walter Profile

Levi Walter

Chelsea Gary Profile

Chelsea Gary

Michelle Bair Profile

Michelle Bair

Erin Webster Garrett Profile

Erin Webster Garrett

Stephanie Tignor Profile

Stephanie Tignor

E. Jordan Gardner Profile

E. Jordan Gardner

Krista Scott Profile

Krista Scott

Hannah Franz Profile

Hannah Franz

Lauren Jackson Profile

Lauren Jackson

Brandon Burneson Profile

Brandon Burneson

Mary-Chris Escobar Profile

Mary-Chris Escobar

Gabrielle Brownson Profile

Gabrielle Brownson

William Burke Profile

William Burke

Kristian Carden Profile

Kristian Carden

Joseph Carlisle Profile

Joseph Carlisle

Donna E. Coghill Profile

Donna E. Coghill

Brian Cone Profile

Brian Cone

LaToya Davis Profile

LaToya Davis

Ashley Harrison Profile

Ashley Harrison

Katherine Huynh Profile

Katherine Huynh

Tiana Ingram Profile

Tiana Ingram

Brian McTague Profile

Brian McTague

Monquell Middleton Profile

Monquell Middleton

Jo Murphy Profile

Jo Murphy

Daphne Rankin Profile

Daphne Rankin

Stephen Ross Profile

Stephen Ross

Monique Sample Profile

Monique Sample

Elizabeth Seymour Profile

Elizabeth Seymour

Ayanna Thompson Profile

Ayanna Thompson

Jenna Venable Profile

Jenna Venable

Lauren Braun Profile

Lauren Braun

Jennifer Chapman Profile

Jennifer Chapman

Michal Coffey Profile

Michal Coffey

Jewell Davis Profile

Jewell Davis

Emily Fox Profile

Emily Fox

Stephanie Ganser Profile

Stephanie Ganser

Ben Herzick Profile

Ben Herzick

Yiyun Jie Profile

Yiyun Jie

Lauren Katchuk Profile

Lauren Katchuk

Gregory Kimbrell Profile

Gregory Kimbrell

Parker Long Profile

Parker Long

Allison Norden Profile

Allison Norden

Tommy Otterbine Profile

Tommy Otterbine

Nicole Patterson Profile

Nicole Patterson

Keyuna Patterson Profile

Keyuna Patterson

Lauren Powell Profile

Lauren Powell

Justin Raibolt Profile

Justin Raibolt

Cody Rogalski Profile

Cody Rogalski

Trisha Saunders Profile

Trisha Saunders

Karl Schmidt Profile

Karl Schmidt

Donté Sharpe Profile

Donté Sharpe

Daniel Spector Profile

Daniel Spector

Tre Straughter Profile

Tre Straughter

Jody Symula Profile

Jody Symula

Bria Taylor Profile

Bria Taylor

Allison Toney Profile

Allison Toney

Dexian Ye Profile

Dexian Ye

E: wow@vcu.edu

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