About Us

Our team exists to create an open and supportive space to learn and play the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. We aim to provide an opportunity for interested players from any skill level to enhance their talent and knowledge of the game. Playing under the team name Vendetta, we strive to be competitive and give the sport our all, while upholding the Spirit of the Game and of course, bonding as a team and having fun!

Practice Times

Mon, Tues, Fri: 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Location: Cary Street Field (Field 1)

New to Ultimate Frisbee?

No problem! We'll teach you everything you need to know. Our team has welcomed many players who were completely new to the sport when they joined Vendetta.


Feel free to reach out to leadership if you're interested in becoming part of the team or if you have any more questions about anything

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