Student Application Process and Roles for
VCU Student Homecoming Committee

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VCU Student Homecoming CommiteePositions

Chair and Co-Chair Positions for consideration include 1 position is to be filled for each Chair AND Co-Chair role:

  • Chair/Co-Chair of Marketing, Communications, and Outreach (1): Oversees graphic design, social media, and print outreach; will need to submit portfolio
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Operations & Logistics (1): Coordinates HC logistics & provides support to event operations; create and fulfill decorations
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Special Events (1): Plans and brings social/non-competitive or new events to HC
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Community Service and Engagement (1): Plans all HC service & philanthropy outreach
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Spirit (1): Oversees, plans, and executes Homecoming Student Clubs and Organization spirit competition
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Finance & Admin (1): Oversees budget, spending procedures; assists advisor in admin tasks
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Ram Rally (1): Coordinates Pep Rally
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Homecoming Court and Reign of the Rams (Homecoming Court Pageant) (1): Coordinates Homecoming court process; coordinates Reign of the Rams points, activities etc.
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Ram Jam (1): Plans and executes Ram Jam (Official Kickoff Homecoming Party)
  • Director of NPHC Events (1): Oversees HC Stepshow (* Appointed by NPHC and not included in this app)

VCU Student Homecoming Committee Selections & Timelines

For consideration, candidates will need to complete the online application. No previous experience is required. Chair and Co-Chair positions require an interview. Candidates for Chair and Co-Chair positions are strongly encouraged to have prior homecoming experience. Serving on the Homecoming committee is an unpaid volunteer position with rewarding first hand leadership experience.

Executive Director

The Director of Production who serves on the Activities Programming Board will oversee the overall Homecoming Experience and manage the Associate Directors and Directors.

Associate Directors

The live Entertainment Coordinators of the Activities Programming Board will serve as the Associate Directors of Homecoming including the responsibilities of Homecoming Concert and overseeing the Directors.

Chair and Co-Chairs

About 10 to 15 students will be selected to oversee specific areas of the homecoming experience. Areas of interest include but may not be limited to the areas listed above. No prior experience required, but encouraged in areas of emphasis.

>> Chair and Co-Chair Applications

Committee Members

100+ students will be selected to serve on a specific event/program committee; No prior experience required. More information coming soon!

>> Committee Member Application


VCU Student Homecoming Committee Expectations:

Estimated Time Commitment: 3-4 hours per week
Term of office: Fixed one-year. July 2022 - March 2023

VCU Homecoming Student Committee members work to create and implement an inclusive, fun, and engaging week. The committee will consist of 10-15 members who will work together to plan, program, and facilitate social and service events that foster a sense of belonging, community, and university traditions.

Committee members are required to attend all monthly meetings, any specially called meetings, one-on-one advisor meetings, and volunteer at Homecoming events.

Responsibilities of a committee member include, but are not limited, to:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Communicating with respective chair and other committee members to advance projects to successful completion
  • Working collectively with committee members to fulfill the components of Homecoming programming
  • Volunteering at and managing respective Homecoming events
  • Coordinating and facilitating cross-organization collaboration with other VCU student organizations to successfully execute programs.