In 2002, Virginia Commonwealth University determined that a yearly, spirit-filled tradition needed to start that involved the campus and Richmond community. That year, faculty members from various offices came together to plan events that focused on creating a new tradition and Homecoming was born. Homecoming started with a few small events that celebrated VCU history, basketball and school spirit.

In 2004, the responsibility of planning Homecoming shifted to the Student Government Association (SGA). This year also marked the first Homecoming concert and Homecoming became a weeklong celebration of Ram spirit and pride. Since that time, Homecoming has formed its own Homecoming committee, consisting of students and a staff advisor (from The Commons) tasked with producing the annual Homecoming celebration.

In the spring of 2015, Athletics and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations led the charge for a Fall Homecoming. The Homecoming Committee jumped on board and the first Fall Homecoming was a major success with more giveaways, more sponsors, and more VCU Pride!

Currently VCU Homecoming is a collaborative effort among the The Commons, the (student-led) Homecoming Committee, Alumni Relations and VCU Athletics.