Planning & Coordination of Homecoming at VCU

The  VCU Homecoming Board is a student-run group responsible for the planning, promoting, and execution of campus-wide activities and events, as well as student-targeted programming annually held as a part of the VCU Homecoming experience.

The VCU Homecoming Steering & Advisory Committee will oversee the VCU Homecoming Board. The application for students who are interested in serving as a student liaison on the Homecoming Steering and Advisory Committee is here.

The membership of the VCU Homecoming Board shall annually consist of one student Executive Director and 25 to 30 Student Director/Assistant Directors. The Homecoming Board members are selected through an open application process and interview. An additional 100+ students serves as the Homecoming Board membership and have an opportunity to apply for specific committee areas of service. All Homecoming Board applicants will be placed on at least one committee.

The term of service for each position on the VCU Homecoming Board is ten months.  A student board member should expect to serve from the Spring prior to Homecoming through at least the end of the Fall semester during which Homecoming activities take place (example: February 2022 to December 2022).

Director and Assistant Director positions require commitment to training sessions and a Retreat in spring, as well as regular meetings and planning sessions in the Fall. Applicants should have strong organizational skills, teamwork abilities, and fresh ideas to make VCU Homecoming a meaningful experience for both current, future, and past students alike.

Areas of responsibility for the Homecoming Board will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Communications (Print, Graphic Design, and Social Media)
  • Development
  • Operations & Logistics Support
  • Community Service
  • Athletic Events
  • Special Events
  • Campus Outreach
  • Marketing and PR
  • Decorations
  • Finance
  • Spirit Competition