The Philosophy Club at VCU

"As I design the search after truth as the business of my life, I shall not be ashamed to learn from any person." - Joseph Butler

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About Us

The purpose of the VCU Philosophy Club is to provide a space for friendly and exciting discussions about ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and other topics in analytic philosophy. We meet weekly to hear and argue about presentations given by students, faculty, and guest speakers. We also watch philosophy-related movies, play philosophy-related games, make terrible philosophy-related puns, and eat food (the food need not be philosophy-related).

The Philosophy Club is open to all students, regardless of their association with the VCU Philosophy Department. Nonetheless, the Philosophy Club is closely affiliated with the Philosophy Department: our meetings are opportunities for philosophy majors and minors to do philosophy outside of class, learn about their professors' research, and generally get to know each other and members of the faculty.

tl;dr: Our purpose is to talk about philosophy and have fun!

Our Officers

Rachel Zahradka
Cailin Bownas
Katie Kerrigan