This is for you.

YES, you—you've been waiting for someone to give you permission to let go, to lead, to be fearless.

The time is NOW.
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We need more people like you, someone resilient, who welcomes challenges, and is eager to thrive. We need someone who will hold themselves and their team up, even when their backs are against the ropes. A leader; someone like you!

Leaders Unleashed is a gateway experience to finding your life-changing experiences, your best friend or mentor, and shaping your role as a leader at VCU, in your community, and beyond.  >> Signup today!

Hosted by The Commons and Student Leadership and Engaged Learning, this conference is open to all VCU students who are interested in growing as a leader.

Students with no current leadership role are encouraged to attend. All current student leaders are also invited and welcome.

The future of leadership is YOU.