Judo Club at VCU

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About Us

Judo is a Japanese grappling martial art which focuses on throws, pins, chokes, and joint locks. Invented in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano, it is ideal for self defense, so we encourage everyone to join. The Judo Club at VCU has instructed VCU students, faculty, and staff since the 1970s.

The Principles of Judo: Mutual benefit and welfare. Maximum efficient use of one's physical and mental energy.

Practice Location & Times

Larrick Student Center Gym (MCV) - Mat Room

Carpools available! Email us for more information!

  • Monday: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: N/A

Your First Practice


Judo is traditionally practiced in a gi, a typically white garment consisting of a jacket, pants, and belt which displays rank. Comfortable athletic clothes (i.e. t-shirt, shorts, yoga pants, rashguard, etc.) and a pair of sandals or slides is recommended. Avoid overly bulky clothing like sweatpants and hoodies, gis are loose fitting and sometimes heavy.

Because judo emphasizes throws, your first practice will focus on developing the skills needed to safely recover from a fall. Once you have developed sufficient competency in these basic skills, you will move on to throws. Judo is self-paced, the more you show up, the faster you improve!


Before you are able to practice, you will need sign the waiver in RecWell. Click here, go to Programs > sort by Sport Clubs > Judo, and sign the waiver at the bottom.

Gis (Uniforms)

Gis are available to borrow until you purchase your own. You do not have to buy a gi after your first practice! Judo is an investment, and a gi is a form of commitment. You are welcome to borrow one and attend practice until you decide to stay. Unless you have significant experience purchasing gis, we DO NOT recommend attempting to buy it yourself. Gis can be very expensive, and there's a high likelihood you will purchase the wrong kind. Let us help you! Gis can be purchased through the Judo Club for a significantly lower price than you will find elsewhere.

Please note that karate, taekwondo, aikido, etc. gis are generally insufficient for judo. Most jiu jitsu and BJJ gis are sufficient until you buy a proper judogi. Gis made for judo are wider and made of a thicker weave to resist tearing. Gis made for other martial arts will rip.


Dues are $30 per semester. You do not have to pay them at your first practice! You are welcome to participate and decide if you will stay before paying dues.

This organization does not restrict membership based on race, color, religion, national origin (including ethnicity), age, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions), parenting status, marital status, political affiliation, military status (including veteran status), genetic information (including family medical history), sexual orientation, gender identify, gender expression, or disability. All VCU students who support the mission of our organization are welcome to participate in programs and events.