During the time you are completing you are completing professional and service hour requirements, you will be considered a Beta Alpha Psi candidate. Once you have completed them, after initiation you will become a full fledged Beta Alpha Psi member!

Learn more about dues and requirements here, and you can check out our upcoming events under the "Events" tab.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Membership Dues

Each year you will have to pay a membership fee to continue being a part of our organization. The amount is based on your school year or your contributions to the organization.

You can pay these dues through our Paypal @VCUBAP or cash

Financing is available if needed!

Hours Requirements

  • Minimum 32 total hours per academic year
  • Minimum 12 Professional hours
  • Minimum 12 Service hours
  • Additional 8 hours of either professional or service hours
  • Up to 4 of the additional 8 hours can be from non-BAP sponsored events

Service Hours:

This includes volunteer activities in the community and opportunities volunteering alongside employees in accounting firms.

Professional Hours:

This includes time spent attending General Body Meetings, events involving conversing and learning about the accounting career through guest speakers, and many more opportunities

Sophomores: $80

All sophomores in BAP are required to pay a yearly fee of $80. This will cover two semesters.

Candidates: $140

Candidates are for those that are members but have not yet completed the required number of service and professional hours.

Members: $110

Members are those who have fulfilled the necessary requirements for both service and professional events.