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We, enjoyers of anthropomorphic animal content within Virginia Commonwealth University, create the Anthro Society of VCU, to begin to provide the basis for a community and a setting for all, but to specifically partake in actions in relation to anthropomorphic animals (furries, the furry fandom) We want to foster a thriving, active place wherein people can share their hobbies, interests, within and also separate from the fandom, as well as create new relationships and friendships. We also want to provide a place to learn and discover fandom-related topics, such as fursuit making or digital and traditional art. As well as this, we would like to help people coordinate events and open discussion to help people travel to and from events, namely furry conventions. Above all else, we strive to create a community of inclusion and acceptance, to help people express themselves in the ways that make them satisfied.









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Jake Chittenden

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Evan Floyd

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Amanda Easterling

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Dev Partangel

Social Media Manager
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Maggie Alphen

Logistics Manager
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Ash Ashford


This organization does not restrict membership based on race, color, religion, national origin (including ethnicity), age, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions), parenting status, marital status, political affiliation, military status (including veteran status), genetic information (including family medical history), sexual orientation, gender identify, gender expression, or disability. All VCU students who support the mission of our organization are welcome to participate in programs and events.


Anthro Society of VCU

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