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Responsibilities of WoW Ambassadors

The WoW Ambassadors must be available for WOW events to serve as a resource and reference. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

Support staff for WoW events. Specifically, WoW Ambassadors will assist with event check-in, monitoring occupancy numbers, handing out materials, etc.

Become brand representatives for WoW and to promote attending events to current students.

Assist in the preparation of WoW events and materials used for those events.

Answer questions and provide direction to event attendees

Promote event evaluation and assessment through RamsConnect

Communicate with professional staff if accommodations are needed

Uphold VCU and The Student Commons in a positive light

Requirements of Wow Ambassadors

Attend one online training session to gain additional knowledge of responsibilities.

Fulfill all time commitments on the volunteer schedule

Students will create their own schedule by signing up to staff events they are available for. A 24 hour notice must be given for rescheduling.

Benefits for WoW Ambassadors

Volunteer hours for outside involvement or organization
Demonstration of professional skills
Communicating position responsibilities to future leadership roles or employment opportunities
Communicating position responsibilities to future leadership roles or employment opportunities

Compensation for WoW Ambassadors

Compensation is recognized in a tiered system, based on the number of hours successfully completed throughout the duration of WoW. All students will receive the first tier, which includes a water bottle and WoW Ambassador T-Shirt, prior to the start of WoW.

The following tiers and prizes will be awarded upon completion of the maximum hour requirement for that tier. The more hours an ambassador completes, the more prizes they will receive. The prizes for each tier are as follows:

1 to 5 Hours - Water Bottle and WoW Ambassador T-Shirt
6 to 10 Hours - Fanny Pack and Lanyard
10 to 15 Hours - Reusable Straw and Foldable Fan
16 or More Hours - Selfie Light

The WoW ambassador with the highest volunteer hours will also receive a grand prize of AirPods.The winner of the grand prize will be notified on Friday, September 16th.