How do I view attendee feedback from my event?

Once your event has concluded, and you have sent the feedback form to your guests, you are able to view what your guests thought about your event. Not only are you able to view feedback from each individual who attended the event, you can also generate a report with all of the feedback from your guests.

To ensure you have feedback feature activated for your event, please view Requesting Feedback for an Event. To view the feedback from your event:

  • Log into RamsConnect with your VCU eID
  • Go to your group page you wish to track event attendance for
  • Go to ‘Events’
  • Go to Manage Events
  • Click the ‘Download Attendees List’ button
  • Click ‘Show all fields’
  • Ensure the ‘Attendee’s Rating’ and ‘Attendee’s Feedback’ are checked (Note: You will only see this if you activated)
  • Click ‘Download’

From here, you will be able to download an Excel spreadsheet where you are able to view the feedback that your attendees left.

For additional information, please visit: How to request feedback for an event and view the results (from CampusGroups Support).

How do I request attendee feedback for an event?

When the WoW committee created your event posting, a basic assessment reflecting your event’s learning outcomes was included. You can review the built-in feedback for your event in RamsConnect by doing the following:

If you requested an individualized assessment on the WoW Event Submission form, you will work with the Division of Student Affairs Assessment to ensure your specific assessment needs are included on your event posting.

Where can I find out more information about WoW and RamsConnect?

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding RamsConnect, please reach out to any of the WoW committee members below:

General support or questions:

Jenaè Harrington, Coordinator for Student Governance:

Nicole Patterson, Coordinator for Civic Engagement:

You can also reach directly out to our vendor for RamsConnect, CampusGroups. Their support team can help if there are any additional questions/concerns you may have regarding the platform: