Scroll down for these Edits & Tracking FAQ's for WoW Event Hosts:

  • How do I find my event? How do students find my event?
  • How do I edit my event?
  • How do I track attendance at my event? Is it required?
  • How does event registration work? Is it required?

How do I find my event? How do students find my event?

All events are posted in the WoW RamsConnect group website. You can find and view events from the participant (student) view and from the administrator view.

Participant view: There are a few ways to locate event postings from a participant point of view. To search for your specific event, visit the WoW RamsConnect Group Page, where you can search events by title and date. For a complete listing of events, you can also visit the Weeks of Welcome website or download the RamsConnect app to your mobile device.

Administrator view: To view and edit events as an administrator you need to log into RamsConnect with your VCU eID   and then go to the WoW group page and locate/select your event

From your event posting, you have the option to EDIT your event posting or MANAGE your attendance through the links at the top center of the post.

How do I edit my event?

In RamsConnect, you are able to edit your events that will be publicized to all users in RamsConnect.  Here are the steps:

  • From your event posting, select the option to edit your event posting (pencil icon) through the link at the top center of the post

From here, you will provide updated information about your event that will be displayed to others who view it. You can also save your event information as a draft if you need to come back to editing your event later. When you are ready to re-post your event, you will click ‘Create Event’ and your event will be posted in RamsConnect.

For additional information, please visit:

How to Create an Event from CampusGroups Help Center
How-To Video: Events & Tracking

How do I track attendance at my event? Is it required?

Tracking attendance is required for all WoW events. This is vital to help us assess student participation and to ensure students are eligible for participation prizes.

Within RamsConnect, you can track who is attending your event. While we are currently practicing social distancing and not having events in-person, you are able to activate check-in on the computer, which will allow you to enter names of your attendees during your virtual event.

To activate attendance tracking for your event:

With social distancing and events being virtual, you can select ‘Track Attendance with a Computer’. With this, you can type the names of individuals who are attending your virtual event.

For more information, please visit how to track event attendance from CampusGroups

How does event registration work? Is it required?

Registration is strongly encouraged, but not required for events. Tracking attendance at your event, however, is required. To register for your event, students must first locate your event posting.

There are a few ways for students to locate event postings.

To search for a specific event, students can visit the WoW RamsConnect Group Page, where they can browse events or search events by title and date.

Students use the RamsConnect App.  To download the app, click on the RamsConnect icon on the VCU Mobile App on your phone.

No matter how a student finds your event, your posting will include an option to register for the event.

Where can I find out more information about WoW and RamsConnect?

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding RamsConnect, please reach out to any of the WoW committee members below:

General support or questions:

Jenaè Harrington, Coordinator for Student Governance:

Nicole Patterson, Coordinator for Civic Engagement:

You can also reach directly out to our vendor for RamsConnect, CampusGroups. Their support team can help if there are any additional questions/concerns you may have regarding the platform: