About VCU's SHRM Chapter

The objectives of this Chapter are: A. to provide Virginia Commonwealth University students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of human capital in the field of Human Resource Management through affiliation with the Richmond SHRM and the SHRM organization. B. to promote the exchange of work-related experience of established business professionals with the theoretical academic perspectives of student and faculty members through open forums and information exchanges. C. to encourage the acquisition, growth and continuation of our respective careers in human resource management through expanded knowledge, camaraderie, respect and mutual support among chapter members and through our affiliation with SHRM and our sponsoring chapter. D. to provide a pool of human resource management leaders for perpetuation of the Chapter and of SHRM. E. to function as an important vehicle for promoting the field of human resource management to students. F. to serve as a source of new members for SHRM. G. to act as a part of the two-way channel of communications between SHRM and the individual members. H. to achieve these objectives, there shall be no discrimination in individual membership or chapter affiliations because of race, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran's status, or any other legally protected class.