The Big Event at VCU

The Big Event is a student-run service project where Rams come together to say “Thank You” to the residents of Richmond.

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About Us

The Big Event at VCU is a student-run service project where Rams come together to say “Thank You” to the residents of Richmond. VCU Student Government Association and The Commons are excited to provide leadership and vision for a new tradition that shows our appreciation to the surrounding community, sharing information about local mutual aid organizations and accepting donations to distribute to our neighbors. We share in the mission of similar programs throughout the nation - "One Big Help, One Big Day."

Check out The Big Event 2021 event posting for more information about our donation drive this year.



The Big Event at VCU is a collaboration of the Student Government Association and The Commons.


2020-2021 Advisor

Nicole Patterson,

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The Big Event at VCU is an initiative that strives to uphold the ideals of unity and service. This event is a way for the student body to express our gratitude to the community that supports VCU. It is important to remember The Big Event is not about the number of jobs completed, donations made or the number of students who participate each year. Instead, it is the relationships formed between students and residents, and the unity that results throughout the community that makes The Big Event so unique.

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2019 Recap


2019 RECAP

Vivek Kuruvilla
Student Government Association President

I’m so proud to be able to present VCU’s first-ever Big Event. This day of service is all about bringing the Richmond and VCU communities closer together and I’m glad that our Graduate Professional and our Undergraduate Community Engagement Committees could come together to make this happened.

As a student, you may have a tendency to get stuck in your own little bubble; however, I think now more than ever VCU students are realizing that there is a whole side of Richmond that they don’t get to interact with.

This is a chance to further outreach as a whole and continue the transformation of VCU into a caring, ambitions, and truly the national model for community engagement at Universities.

This will provide members of the VCU and Richmond communities and opportunity to form bonds. I hope this provides even further evidence that VCU is not just another University in Richmond but something that benefits the Richmond community by being here. I’d like to encourage everyone whether your a Richmond local or just passing through to get involved and come together as one big Ramily.

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Hanan Kourtu
SGA Graduate Community Engagement Chair

Working together as graduate and undergraduate students has been such a wholesome and fulfilling experience. From our first day of planning to outreaching to surrounding neighborhoods, this journey has truly given us the platform to create an avenue that allows students to engage with local residents in order to accomplish one day of service for one big thanks. This is the beginning of a long-lasting VCU tradition and we encourage students across campus to join us as we say thank you to the communities around us!

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Alexia Guzman
SGA Undergraduate Community Engagement Chair

As a team, we have been able to honor both our student bodies and truly mold this day of service to cater to graduate, undergraduate students and the surrounding VCU community. We are both individuals who are very passionate about service and the bigger meaning it holds. Through the Big Event we hope to inspire students all around campus to think about the community and residents around us and how unique they are to our college experience. Something so valuable deserves much care and nurture and what better way to say thanks than through service. The inaugural Big Event at VCU will be taking place Saturday, April 20, 2019, we hope to see you there.

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