Virtual Resources

Scholarship and Academics
Study groups via Zoom
Resume/Cover Letter reviews by VCU Career Services
Virtual Vision Boards/Goal Boards
Start a Book Club
Virtual Tutoring Session

Icebreakers/Check-In Questions before meetings
Online photo scavenger hunt
Fitness competition/challenge
Netflix Watch Party
Pen Pals via Email
Game System competition
Online games and trivia
Snapchat Group Chat
Share a meal together via Zoom
Member-Of-The-Day Instagram post

Food Drive
Tik Tok Dance Competitions
Instagram Fundraiser Bingo Boards
Reading books to kids online, will find more info on how
Adopt a Grandparent

COVID-19 VCU Student Organization Operations Plan
Personality Quizzes and Discussion (True Colors, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, etc)  LINK

Miscellaneous Resources
Check-In Activity (poll questions via Instagram)
Inviting campus partners to talk in a Zoom call (Health Services, The Well, etc.)
Throw a Senior Send-Off Party- Honor your seniors by having a video party. Have members prepare speeches about individual seniors' impacts.
 Headquarters programming