Student Org Tabling, Flyers & Axis TV

This page includes info on digial signage, posting flyers and tabling.

Digital Signage and Axis TV's at VCU

Official VCU organizations may submit digital signage requests by submitting a ticket for IT Support Request. To navigate to the form to submit a slide: click on Communications Collaboration, then Marketing and then Digital Signage.

Digital slides are formatted in a horizontal 16:9 ratio (1920 X 1080 px) and the preferred delivered format is jpg.

When designing your slides, please keep in mind that slides are displayed for a period of 9 seconds before rotating to the next slide.

With that in mind, please keep text content to a minimum and be sure to include the details: what, when, where, and a short web address or email contact for additional information.  If your event is posted on RamsConnect you can download a QR code from RamsConnect and i include that on your Axis TV slide.

Be sure to include the calendar duration for the slide when submitting your requests. Ideally, requests should be submitted 10 business days before they are scheduled to run.

Note: Submitted slides are not guaranteed to be displayed on all players. Each digital display is owned and managed by individual departments. They reserve the right to determine appropriate content for their locations and audience.

Posting Flyers on Community Bulletin Boards

While these bulletin boards may change from time to time, here are a few spots to display flyers on campus:

  • Cabell Library's community board. They have two; one for community events, and the other for campus-wide info.
  • Grace E. Harris Hall, next to Harris Hall 101 big lecture room, inside the doors facing The Commons.
    Engineering Building, on the second or third floor.
  • Snead School of Business has several community bulletin boards.  Business Career Services may be able to post them, too.
  • Richard T. Robertson School for Media and Culture has a board on the first floor.
  • Temple Building, across from the Robertson School has a board.


There are almost always students tabling at The Commons and The Compass. This is an awesome way for student organizations to recruit members, share information or promote programs.

Keep in mind the student organization reserves space for tabling on the VCU EMS Web App.

There are two main areas where student orgs can reserve space for tabling: The Commons and The Compass.

The Commons is an ideal location for tabling, both inside and outside. One of the significant perks of tabling at The Commons is that the staff there will support students by providing a four-foot table and two chairs at no charge.  Experienced student orgs, choose The Commons for tabling because having a table and chairs provided is very convenient.

Inside the Floyd Street entrance to The Commons, there are two tabling spaces.   And, inside The Commons near the Floyd entrance, there are three tabling spaces.

The Commons also offers outside tabling spaces at the edge of The Ram Horns Plaza closer to Harris Hall.  There are SIX dedicated tabling spots for student organizations to reserve in the Ram Horn Plaza area. When student orgs reserve tabling spots at The Rams Horn Plaza a table and chairs are provided at no charge. The walkway along the edge of The Ram Horns Plaza is sometimes known as the Linden Street side of The Commons.

The Compass, which is an open space outside of Cabell Library, is also available for tabling, but student orgs must supply their equipment such as tables and chairs. And, students are required to remove all equipment at the end of a tabling event at The Compass. The information desk at Cabell Library will not supply any supplies to students who are tabling at The Compass.  There are two tabling spots available on The Compass.

Of course, there are some rules to keep in mind when tabling at The Commons and The Compass:

  • Homemade food can not be sold, served, or passed out in any capacity. All food must come from a licensed kitchen.
  • Students may only have one table location per day for no more than three consecutive days and no more than three times in a week.
  • Cash collection when tabling cannot take place unless a VCU police officer is present.
  • Cash apps like Venmo and Square, are acceptable means for payment without the presence of VCU Police.

If student orgs have questions regarding tabling, rules or reservations, email The Commons Event Services at