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What are the Rules for Booking?

-If you are a student, you must be an officer (President or VP) of a registered VCU Student Organization in order to gain access to the EMS WebApp.

-Reservation requests must be submitted via the EMS WebApp AT LEAST 14 days (2 full weeks) in advance to your event date.

-If you are a first time user, first you must attempt to login to https://campusems.vcu.edu/Default.aspx then please email uscaevent@vcu.edu.

Can Student Orgs Book Academic Spaces?

-Yes! Student organizations can book academic spaces, but you CANNOT book the Academic Learning Commons (MCALC) Building.

-Student organizations can only book academic spaces during the following times: Fridays after 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays anytime

-NOTE: Food is NOT allowed in any of the academic classrooms, but can be eaten in the lobbies of the buildings.

Can my organization have a Bake Sale or Cookout?

-Yes! Student organizations can hold bake sale fundraisers and cookout get togethers, but must abide by the following policies:

-Food must be premade from a licensed kitchen/caterer (think CAVA, Panera, Chipotle, Chick fil A etc.) OR store bought. Food cannot be made on site or at home.

-Food must be pre-packaged and individually packaged (if possible).

-If food is not individually packaged, it must be portioned and served by ONE individual wearing gloves AND a mask. Food must be packaged up when it is not being served.

-Physical cash CANNOT be accepted without the presence of a VCU Police officer ($55/hr for a minimum of 3 hrs), to avoid this, please use electronic forms of payment only (Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Apple/Google pay, Zelle etc.)

What should my Org. know about Tabling?

-Tabling can be done indoors (Lobby Tables) or outdoors (Park Plaza, The Compass, Harris Hall Lawns, Linden Tables).

-Tabling comes at no cost to registered Student Orgs. and ALL tabling spaces REQUIRE a reservation.

-Tabling reservation requests MUST be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event date.

-Amplified sound outside (music, using microphones, megaphones or amplifiers) is only allowed between the hours of 12pm and 1pm.

-Physical cash CANNOT be accepted anywhere on campus without the presence of a VCU Police officer ($55/hr for a minimum of 3 hrs), to avoid this, please use electronic forms of payment only (Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Apple/Google pay, Zelle etc.)

Can my Org. show Films/Netflix?

-In order to show films at on campus events, meetings or classes, you must obtain the film rights in order to show it.

-If your film is rented from the library, the rights come along with that rental; if you are getting your film elsewhere, you will also need to purchase the rights.

-We suggest using the website "Swank" (https://www.swank.com) in order to get the rights to various films.

-In order to expedite the approval process for your film event, please send the film rights to uscaevent@vcu.edu.

-Groups CANNOT show films and shows for groups at events via platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney+

When is an A/V Tech needed? Why?

-A/V Techs are required for reservations with audio visual equipment (Microphones, using the projector, HDMI Cords, Smart Podiums, lighting etc.).

-A/V Techs come at a cost of $45 for the first 3 hours, and $12 for each additional hour after that.

-Most of the equipment listed above will REQUIRE an A/V Tech along with the corresponding fees.

What Tabling Spaces have Provided Furniture?

-The Commons only provides furniture for the following spaces:

-'Linden Tables' outdoor tabling spots near the Commons Plaza.

-'Lobby Tables' tabling area in the lobby of The Commons near the Theater.

-We do NOT provide furniture for The Compass, Harris Hall Lawns, or Park Plaza.

Can my Org. have a Craft Event?

(I.E. Pie-ing, painting, water balloons, spray paint, glitter etc.)

-Yes! We do have some rules though:

-NO GLITTER indoors or on walkways.

-All events that are messy, difficult to clean or contain should be done outside preferably on the Harris Hall Lawn(s) or Grace St. Green in the grass and NOT on brick walkways such as The Compass, Park Plaza, The Commons Plaza, or Linden table spots.

-Please reach out to Event Services at uscaevent@vcu.edu if you are considering having an event like this indoors.

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