Hello, student org leaders! Welcome to our video tutorials page for EMS WebApp, supported and run by the Event Services team, located in The Commons. EMS WebApp manages space reservations and event coordination for student orgs.

How can we help?

What spaces can you reserve? Well, that depends—what are you looking for? Using EMS WebApp, you can reserve VCU’s spaces, including classrooms, conference rooms, theaters, outdoor meeting spaces, tables, and athletic fields/courts. You can also browse space availability and modify your event reservations!

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When student org officers reserve space and host events in The Commons, Larrick or Hunton, the Event Services team at The Commons can provide additional support services.

Aside from our tutorials, we’re always happy to chat with you! Give us a call at (804) 828-9502, or email us at uscaevent@vcu.edu.


JUST FOR YOU! Student org leaders can use EMS, an online scheduling portal, to reserve VCU’s campus spaces, including classrooms, conference rooms, theaters, outdoor meeting spaces, and athletic fields/courts. EMS users can browse availability, make a reservation, or modify a reservation.

Requesting an Account

Sav Explains It All!

It's really the simple things in life we appreciate the most! So, the first step to making things easier is to request a Virtual EMS account.

Get started today!

LOGIN|Errors and Troubleshooting

Can we fix it? Why yes—yes, we can! Let us help you with the solutions you're looking for!

Navigating EMS WebApp Site

I'll be your loyal guide on your journey to creating events! There's more to event bookings, than what meets the eye.

Don't worry! I'll point you in the right directions!

Viewing A Space

EYES open, because I'll be showing you my best tips and shortcuts to viewing a space in Virtual EMS.

Booking A Space

The excitement can't wait. Let's get your events booked!

I'll show you how!

Recurring Meetings & Booking Multiple Spaces

Sometimes, one just isn't enough! We get it; so I'll show you how to book multiple spaces, in just a few clicks!

your vision awaits.