Is Your Student Org
Looking for
Open Space to
Practice Dances,
Fashion Shows or Other Performances?

Standard-Times Are Now Available
for Student Orgs to Access Clear
Open Spaces for Activities

You asked, and we listened!  In the past, we know it has been difficult for groups to get clear open spaces to practice dances, fashion shows, or other performances.

To help ease this frustration, there will now be clear space offered during standard time two days a week!

This request will be made the same way other standard spaces are requested.

During this time, you will be permitted to bring a small Bluetooth speaker (think the size of Beats Pill speakers) into the space to play music for practices. All the same, policies apply to these spaces; 2-hour reservation blocks, nothing will be added to the room, requests need to be made a minimum of 3 business days in advance.

With this new addition, we are hoping that all groups will have an opportunity to take advantage of this open floor space.

If there are issues with music being played too loud, the Student Manager on duty will come and shut the space down, so please be mindful that other groups are still in the building and holding meetings and events.

Please review the updated >> Standard Time Policies on pages 3-4 of the Guidelines and Procedures.

Clear Open Spaces for Activities

Days:  Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Time:5 pm to 12 am

The Commons, 2nd Floor, in the Richmond Salons III and IV (combined to leave enough room to practice)

* Setup is clear space, no furniture added.