Burnside Watstein LGBTQIA Awards

The Burnside Watstein LGBTQIA Awards are given annually to recognize individuals who enrich the sense of community at Virginia Commonwealth University and make a significant difference in the lives of LGBTQIA faculty, staff and students. Here is an article on the awards from 2018.

View a full list of prior recipients on our Q Collective website.

2020 Recipients:

Gabriel Arrington
Brooke Taylor
B. Ethan (bee) Coston

2020 Nominees:

Eli Coston, Sravya Dhavala, Nicholas Garcia, Jackson Hambridge, Camilla L. Hill, Erin White, and the entire VCU "Call Me By My Name" team: Konjit Chitty, Scott Davis, Lisa Dougherty, Mike Flanigan, Sarah Johns, Elise Kepus, Bernard Hamm, and Gokhan Yucel.